Furry soft and super gentle

Let your little one play, punch, sleep, cuddle on this elephant pillow. No worries, it attains its shape with just a few pats.

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Best buddy on roll

This elephant pillow will be the best pal for your baby. Accompany them, in their journey to explore and learn.

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Cozy and gentle

Leave them along, and see how your child loves to relax in their own ways. The design is made just to give utmost comfort and coziness to your child when sleeping.

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Age group: 0 - 1 years

Weight: 450 gm

Height: 60cm

Rs. 590

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Age group: 1 - 14 years

Weight: 850 gm

Height: 72cm

Rs. 990

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Age group: 0 - 14 years

Weight: 1300 gm

Small + Large + Free Spread

Rs. 1,590

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