10 Best Fun Playing Games For Your Children

10 Best Fun Playing Games For Your Children

10 Best Fun Playing Ideas for Your Children  


The coming of little ones at home is divine. The emotion that they provide to their parents contains divinity. However, it is a bit complicated to keep your baby engaged in activities between the ages of six months and two years. 

As toddlers grow, they learn to play with toys around them. However, when they are too little even to understand this new world, it is a bit difficult and complicated. They absorb things at this age. They see the world vividly. Do not worry, they are new here, and just like us, they need time, too. 

We got you covered here if you wonder how to keep your baby engaged in activities and games. It is natural to think, "what a baby would play alone?". You are correct here. They would not be able to play alone. Thus, it would help if you were with them and around them. 

Take a spoonful ride of these activities and games that you can do with your little one. We assure you that they are fun, engaging, and educational as well: 


1. Bubble Game 

No matter what is the age, bubbles excite kids of any age. Even adults have a thing for bubbles. Do you remember seeing a magical world inside a bubble? Now imagine what that magic could do to a baby who is new to the world. 

Thus, please play the bubble game with your little one. We promise you that the kids cannot stop smiling while they are in the world of bubbles. 

How to play? 

  • Buy a bubble machine, or you can also blow the bubble or ask your older child. 
  • Teach your baby how to catch the beads using a cup 
  • Now, it is playtime. See your child having fun with magical bubbles.


    2. Create Ball Pits 

    The best thing about this game is that it is not even a bit difficult. You would not be required to figure out the ways of teaching your kid how to play a particular game. We assure you it will make the kid happy, without any tiredness afterwards. 

    To keep it in the budget, and as per your requirements: 

  • Buy a little tub or swimming pool that suits your child perfectly. 
  • Fill it with a lot of balls that can keep the tub contained.
  • Now, it is your toddler's time. It is their new home; let them be on the balls, inside the balls, and stay engaged. 


    3. Let Them Talk to the Birds and Animals 

    Little kids love to speak to animals and birds. Even when they see the animals not responding to them, they still enjoy doing that. They talk to them in their languages and then laugh. You would only stand there wondering what is making your child feel so happy. Besides that, we know you would not want to cage a bird for your child; and that is your suitable decision. We respect you for that. 

    Thus, take your baby to the balcony or your terrace in the evening, and let their talking show begin. We promise that you would enjoy observing them. 


    4. Hide and Seek 

    Playing hide and seek with your little one would be different. It should add your creativity to make it enjoyable because it is usually a game for older children who run to hide. However, that is still not an obstruction. 

    You are only required to use the concept of hiding and seek here, and the rest should be based on your ideas. Making them use their animals' toys to hide, pillows, or even soft blankets would work. We are sure you will make the game even more enjoyable with your ideas than its original one. 


    5. Free Drawing 

    We are sure you caught the idea behind the activity with its name itself. Get your toddler a drawing book and a set of crayon colours. The essence of free drawing is that your child shall draw and colour things out of their imagination. Let them be free, and create magic on their own. This would not just keep them engaged but also help them unleash their creativity. Make sure that you sit around them all this while. It is a safe activity; however, kids could take the colour in their mouths.  


    6. Horse Ride 

    Do you remember doing horse rides with your parents when you were little? Remember how it used to give you fun and unlimited laughing sessions? This is because kids enjoy that. They love it when they spend quality time with their parents while singing rhymes. Thus, it is your chance to make your child feel what your parents made you think.

    Besides giving them fun, it also makes them familiar with the rhymes you want to introduce. Try this, and we assure you, even you will laugh seeing your child laughing happily. 


    7. One for You, One for Me 

    It is a sharing game and a perfect one for toddlers. It teaches them about the concept of sharing. Keep a lot of objects, and ask your child to share them with you by saying, "one for you, one for me". They will enjoy the process of giving objects to you with love and also learn the real essence of sharing, that is: happiness is when we live life by sharing. 


    8. Scavenger Hunt 

    Is there anything more interesting than the scavenger hunt? We assure you that this game is full of fun and learning. Make your toddler hunt objects near them, and enjoy their little wins. 

    Such games are meant for adults. However, it is not less than any interesting game for toddlers as well. Hide their favourite toys on the bed and around. Enjoy the game as your child makes efforts for it and smiles on finding them. This would not just give them immense fun but keep them engaged in the activity. 


    9. Puzzles 

    This is also one of the exciting games for your little one. This is because it focuses on three things: physical, cognitive, and emotional skills. You may be wondering how a little kid would solve a puzzle; however, they find it interesting when they see the picture puzzles in front of them. It keeps them engaged. You would be required to show them the puzzle picture first, then team up with them and solve the puzzle. We assure you that doing this activity would also build their patience and work on their memory. 


    10. Odd One Out

    To keep the game engaging, collect many objects of the same colour and a few other colours. The task would be to take out the different ones from a group of similar things.

    It is suggested that you do this more than one time. Kids enjoy their little victories and a lot more when they see their parents cheering them. Now you know what to do. Moreover, you can also choose other similar articles. For example, collect a lot of plant toys, and the other ones downright odd. They love it when they see the same game having diversity.