24 Best SuperFoods For Lactating Mothers

24 Best SuperFoods For Lactating Mothers

List of SuperFoods to Boost Lactation

A mother is the most beautiful creation of God. She is like the tiny seed that grows and nurtures everyone around her. She is selfless, loving, compromising, sacrificing, and most importantly, uncompromising because she goes through so many physical and mental changes as she steps on the road of motherhood. Being a mother is not an easy task, and no one can teach how to be a mother because it's an emotion that develops automatically when a baby enters into her life. The most challenging period for all the mothers reading this must have been the first few months. The body and mind go through a lot of changes and emotional turmoil. Emotionally she is preparing for her new beginning, and deep down, she is scared and happy at the same time. But the physical changes are more challenging than anything. Every inch of the body changes, and, understandably, it can be scary for some mothers.

One of the most emotional and beautiful phases for every new mother is breastfeeding. The mother nurtures her child, and only she can understand this emotional moment. Breastfeeding is not as easy as it seems to, especially for several mothers who get insecure thinking they are not providing enough to their children. Many mothers have complained that they are not lactating enough or have been feeling constant hunger, or they are in doubt whether their babies are getting a satisfactory amount of milk. It's common to feel this way for millions of mothers out there, and there is nothing to feel stressed about it. It's a tiring process for the body to increase the lactation process because it requires a large sum of minerals and vitamin production within the mother's body. This can leave lactating women feeling dizzy and hungry most often. This is why breastmilk is recommended for newborn babies' growth because the mothers produce the minerals and vitamins. 

Our Furrymom family has brought before you some exceptional lactation-boosting food items that can increase your lactation and can also keep you and your baby healthy. The magic won't happen in a day, so it's a request to all the mothers reading this that it is a continuous long-term process that you need to practice and follow to better yourself and your baby. 


List of superfoods to boost Lactation

Avocados: Rich in vitamin B, K, C, E, folate, and potassium, avocados are a powerhouse of healthy fat, which helps to feel full and help mothers satisfy their hunger caused due to constant lactation.


Nuts: These are a powerhouse for various minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins K, B. Nuts are considered lactogenic food and have been used in many ayurvedic medicines for ages. Almonds, being the most nutritious nut, are highly used to increase breastmilk production because of their rich protein and calcium content. Walnuts and cashews are other lactations boosting nuts that can be consumed.


Mushrooms: These are not direct sources rich in lactogenic foods but contain certain minerals and vitamins that help in the production of lactogenic agents, which can increase milk production among breastfeeding mothers.


Green leafy vegetables: Vegetables are always considered good for health, and many mothers consider consuming fresh leafy vegetables to increase milk production. Vegetable contains phytoestrogens which help to increase lactation and also has positive health benefits for the babies. Spinach is one such lactation-boosting vegetable that not only increases breast milk production but is also rich in iron and provides energy to breastfeeding mothers.


Chia seeds: Fibre, protein, calcium, magnesium, and high omega three fatty acids make chia a vital food that must be included in the diet. It helps to keep the stomach fuller after meals which reduces the constant hunger several lactating mothers feel.


Dates: These help boost lactation by increasing prolactin hormones in the body which is a key in enhancing breast milk. Dry dates or raw dates are the best sources and also provide nutrients that are good for health.


Poppy seeds: These are rich in nutrients that are considered to boost breast milk supply. Poppy seeds can be consumed by adding them as snacks and are good if consuming regularly.


Turmeric: One of the most commonly used spices in the Indian kitchen is turmeric, known for its various properties and benefits. Turmeric helps increase breast milk and is very good to boost the immunity of lactating mothers who need constant good health to feed their babies and maintain their well-being.


Ashwagandha: One of the ancient herbs that strengthen the immune, neurologic, endocrine, and reproductive systems. It is considered suitable for lactation because it helps to breastfeed mothers who are having excessive stress. Stress affects the quantity of lactation production. Ashwagandha helps in relieving stress and calms the body, and increases energy.


Whole grains: These are rich sources of breast milk production because they have several properties that boost lactation hormones. Oatmeal, barley are some of the rich boosters of lactation.


Garlic: It is one of the most common and nutritious spices used in the kitchen and is considered beneficial for increasing lactation. Garlic has a strong taste, and it can go into the breast milk but not to worry about because many breastfeeding babes like the taste of garlic milk. 


Chickpeas: Breastfeeding mothers have been consuming chickpeas for ages because of their rich nutrition and protein value. Consuming chickpeas as much as possible can help boost up lactation.


Fresh ginger roots: Ginger is another magical food from nature that helps in increasing lactation. Ginger tea or ginger tea consumption through various dishes only helps keep the body healthy and boosts breastmilk production.


Eggs: These are well known for their high proteins and good fat, which is required for nursing mothers. The body needs a high number of proteins and minerals for lactation, and the mother's body must meet all these requirements so that she stays healthy and can process enough breast milk for her baby.


Papaya: Another magical and nutritious food, papaya has been used by mothers for ages to increase breast milk production. It contains galactagogue, which is a crucial agent to increase breast milk production. Consuming raw or cooked papaya is very beneficial.


Carrot: It is rich in vitamin A which helps boost the quality and quantity of lactation. Consume carrot juice or add these to your meals to get its nutritional benefits.


Brown rice: It helps in the release of prolactin which is a hormone that helps lactation. Consuming brown rice is beneficial for breast milk production and is also helpful for mothers after birth because it consists of the loss of nutrients.


Holy basil/Tulsi: One of the most valuable herbs, tulsi, is very beneficial for lactation. Consuming tulsi in small amounts with food or warm milk can increase the benefits.


Apricot: These are considered to be very beneficial and high in nutrients. Apricots help in increasing prolactin which helps in boosting up lactation. Try to avoid canned apricots because it has high levels of sugar which are not suitable for health.


Bitter ground: It is considered that bitter ground helps in increasing lactation. It doesn't taste delightful but has good nutritional and medicinal properties, which are very beneficial for health.


Water: It is a fundamental ingredient for lactation. During lactation, the mother's body must have enough fluid to boost up breast milk production. Twelve glasses of water should be consumed daily to keep the nursing mom hydrated.


Drumsticks or moringa: It is rich in calcium and iron, which is beneficial for breastfeeding moms. The consumption can increase breast milk supply which can help increase lactation by stimulating the mammary glands.


Tofu: The phytoestrogen property present in tofu can help increase lactation. Plus, it is rich in micronutrients and protein, which is excellent for health.


Curry leaves: In Ayurveda, curry leaves are considered very beneficial for curing many health issues. Nursing moms consume curry leaves to increase lactation and to gain its other beneficial properties.


The list of the above food items for boosting lactation is straightforward to get around your local markets and shops. But are these just sufficient enough to get desired results in boosting lactation? Well, Furrymom is going to give you some quick tips that can help during your nursing periods and also stay healthy so that the food and supplements which lactating mothers are taking get the maximum benefits out of it. Below are some simple tips for all lactating mothers.


Quick tips for Lactating Moms 


Stress: One of the leading causes of low breast milk production is stress. Partners must communicate during this period. Husbands of lactating moms should look after their needs. Try to comfort your partner by surprising them with gifts like soft toys, stuffed toys, plush toys from Furrymom Soft toys, which can be helpful to lift the mood of your partner and be helpful for your child.


Nurse frequently: Try to breastfeed the baby as much as possible because the more you breastfeed, the more lactation increases.


Avoid feeding with one breast: While nursing tries to feed with both breasts to your child one at a time. This will help in boosting lactation.


Medication: Keep an eye on the medicines you are consuming during the nursing period to interrupt the lactation process.


Enough rest: It's an essential part for nursing mothers. Rest as much as you can because your body needs time to recharge itself and produces enough breast milk to feed your babies. After feeding your baby, tuck them with their favourite soft toys, stuffed toys, or plush toys from the Furrymom toys collection so that both of you can rest peacefully.

This phase is one of the most beautiful phases in every new bee mom's life. There are no words to describe the emotions a mother goes through during this period. She bonds with the baby profoundly and feels so many new emotions. With the birth of a baby, a mom is born too. As the baby grows to learn from his/her mom, so does a mother learn how to understand her baby just through physical touch and emotions.

So many moms are scared during this period of their life, but as they hold their baby in their arms, the fear washes away, and one fear creeps in, which is to protect her child from sickness and problems. We Furrymom family have brought this blog before you to give you a better idea about how you can take care of yourself while you take care of your baby. We understand what mothers need for their babies, and so we have brought a bunch of soft toys, plush toys, and stuffed toys for you that you can use to comfort your child. We understand how important a child is for mothers, and our motive is to look after both of you.


Some common questions from Lactating Mothers


Q1. Is breastfeeding good for health?

Well, of course, yes. There is no harm in breastfeeding your baby for an extended period because it helps develop a strong immunity in babies and reduces breast cancer and heart disease in nursing mothers.


Q2. Is consuming too much of the supplements good?

No, it's never a good idea to consume large amounts of supplements, especially without the guidance of a doctor. Even natural supplements should be consumed on a limited basis because too much of anything can be harmful to your health. Always consult a doctor before you take in any new supplements.


Q3. Will the lactogenic food work the same for all mothers?

No, it won't. Everyone has a different body that functions differently. It is not necessary that lactogenic foods that worked well with one mother would have the same effect. Results may vary, and it's nothing to be stressed about because it is entirely normal. Eat the food that suits you best and always get your health check for better results.


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