Emotional Well-Being During Pregnancy

Emotional Well-Being During Pregnancy

Emotional Well-Being During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a life-changing experience for mothers. The transition from being a woman into being a mother is beautiful as well as scary. Mothers are worried about the future, about their child, about the changes happening in their bodies. Their emotions and thoughts are heightened to a large extent, and no one can understand this phase of their life until they have stepped into the shoes of a pregnant mother. Everything freaks them out during the phase of pregnancy. They have many questions in their minds, and all they want are answers and loads of positivity. 

It is widely stated that a happy mother means a happy child, and we, the Furrymom family, honestly believe it. The mind and the body are connected deeply to each other. Taking good care of a soon-to-be mothers’ body and health is necessary but keeping her mind healthy and positive is critical. If a mother is weak emotionally, it will affect her health and the baby's health in her womb. To get a clear picture about it, let us dive deeper to understand how negativity can impact a pregnant mother and how to help the soon-to-be mother to stay emotionally positive and robust.


How Can Negative Thoughts Affect You?


First, it's common to feel worried or tensed for pregnant mothers during pregnancy, and every mother has almost the same worries rushing through her mind. But developing a negative mindset can lead to several mental health issues which can affect the mother emotionally. 


The most common mental health issues developed during pregnancy are:


  • Anxiety: The feeling of constant fear about something or getting worried about every situation, and the outcome would be anxiety. During pregnancy, you might feel anxious a lot about your baby, about yourself, and how things will go. 


  • Depression: Feeling low, sad, or irritable are some of the common symptoms of depression. Depression is most commonly found in working mothers or mothers under stress because of home issues or workload.


  • Bipolar disorder: An extreme condition of mood changing where one can have extremely high and low fluctuation in mood. This can affect the normal functioning of daily lifestyle and cause a lack of interest in daily routine activities. It can be genetic or can be developed depending on the surrounding environment. Although it is rare to find some pregnant women develop these symptoms during the phase of pregnancy.


  • Panic Attacks: It is mainly caused due to extreme anxiety. Feeling dizziness, shortness of breath, feeling detached from the environment, sweating, chest pain, shaky legs or hands, uneasiness in the stomach, and feeling drained out are some of the symptoms of a panic attack. Panic attacks are mostly seen among pregnant women whose delivery dates are close.


  • Eating disorder: Unhealthy eating habits or irregular eating can cause eating disorders. Many women have this disorder because of the fear of gaining weight or mental stress, or other factors which make them feel self-conscious. Developing eating disorders in pregnant women is unhealthy and can cause weaker bones, miscarriage, premature baby, or complications during labor. Pregnant women already develop nausea which can refrain them from eating or become very specific while eating. 


  • Tokophobia: It is a fear of getting pregnant and childbirth. Women who have tokophobia avoid pregnancy. Women who had unpleasant childbirth experiences or women who are having their first child have this phobia. They would have panic attacks, anxiety, sleepless nights, and nightmares. 


Change is scary, and it can create waves of emotions within our bodies. Pregnant mothers need to take care that their emotions don't overburden them and make them feel low or negative, especially when something so beautiful is about to happen to them. Don't worry; you are not alone on his journey. Furrymom has brought you some tips and a helping hand to help you feel relaxed and calm during your pregnancy.


Tips For Your Healthy Emotional Well-Being


  • Speak out your emotions: Bottling up emotions and thoughts can create negative thoughts, which can lead to anxiety or panic. It is advised that mothers speak out their fears, thoughts, and feelings to their partner or anyone they trust. Share with them what is worrying you and seek advice. This will help mothers to get a clear picture of the coming change and would help them come out from their mind into reality. 


  • Eat healthily: A proper healthy diet is essential for pregnant mothers. Pregnancy causes several changes in the choices of pregnant mothers. One moment they might like something to munch on, and another they won't even touch the food. So, the new bee mom must get all the proper vitamins and nutrients necessary for her body and baby. Feed her miniature courses of meal or snacks after every few hours. Understand what she likes and dislikes to eat during this time. If the mother is satisfied with the food, she will be calm mentally. Empty stomachs and constant vomiting can make mothers feeling tired and irritable, which should be avoided.


  • Exercise: A very vital part that should be included in the pregnant mother's daily routine is exercise. Every day there should be some physical activity like going on walks, light yoga, swimming, or stretching. Whichever exercise makes the mothers feel excellent and relaxed can be practiced daily. Exercise help mothers to get better sleep and diverts their mind from the worries going through their mind. Consult a doctor or a midwife before taking any exercise for daily routine.


  • Plenty of sleep: Sleep is essential for pregnant mothers so that their body gets the time to recharge itself and develop the vital nutrients and vitamins that are essential for the baby. A mother’s body suffers a lot of pain during pregnancy. The extra weight they carry for nine months causes pain and swelling in the legs and back pain. In such conditions, sleep is the best way to relax and feel relieved from the pain for few hours. Taking short naps can also help and will keep mothers calm and happy.


  • Reach out for help: Don't hold back when you need help emotionally physically. If the mother feels emotionally exhausted, it's better to consult a therapist who can help her clear out the clutter in her mind. Seeking a therapist is the healthiest advice that every mother should take positively. It will not only help her boost up emotionally but would prepare her for what's coming next.


  • Try meditating: A powerful technique for positive thinking is meditation. Mediation helps to rejuvenate the mind and the body. It calms down the nerves and helps to attract positive energy, which helps to recharge the body and mind.


  • Treat yourself positively: Self-care is necessary for pregnant mothers despite external love and pampering. The body is your temple, and your need to look after it. The thoughts and emotions will not only help the mother to stay emotionally intense but will also help in keeping the baby healthy. Every mother should practice self-care so that the baby within her womb stays happy and develops healthily. Try listening to soothing music or reading some books of your choices or art or movies or anything which makes you feel positive and happy. If you are happy, so will be your child.


  • Shopping spree: New-to-be moms are very enthusiastic about shopping for her child. She will go through shops and websites to get the best products, toys, clothes, and accessories for her baby. Join her on her shopping spree and help her get the things that she wants. Soft toys, stuffed toys, plush toys, clothes, blankets, and so much more is to stuff up the house for a new baby. Few moms even play with their babies’ soft toys, stuffed toys, plush toys during their pregnancy. It helps them feel calm and happy because they imagine a happy picture of her and her baby. If you are looking for such a fantastic collection, try Furrymom soft toys on the Furrymom website. The Furrymom soft toys collection has various soft toys, stuffed toys, plush toys, which can be a great companion for the baby.


  • Feeling valued: A mother who is about to give birth to a new life should be feeling empowered, safe, and valued. She should be feeling safe in her surrounding environment. Whatever circumstances come in the future, her partner and family should be present around her, supporting her and encouraging her for a new journey of motherhood. Value her and her child because she needs love so that she can feel emotionally satisfied and loved. Many mothers fear that they won't become good mothers, but that's not true. Mothers try their best, and no one can play their role. So, her peers and society have to be supportive of her and her choices to think only about a positive and brighter future with her child.


  • Positive peer groups: Pregnant mothers should be around people who are positive and supportive. Avoid interacting with people who gossip or make moms feel anxious during pregnancy. Such conversations can only make moms think negatively and more worried, which is a big no-no for them. New moms should be around people who make them feel good about themselves and give them hope for a positive future.


  • Bonding with parents: It's a good thing for new mothers to bond with parents with kids and babies to get a better insight into the current situation and how things will work out. Hearing advice from people who have been through the same experience can make mothers feel more relaxed and calm emotionally. She will develop a better thought process and can plan according to other people's experiences and advice. Even talking to expectant parents can help new moms feel calm because she understands that is typical and expected to feel like other new-to-be moms.


  • Prepare a wellbeing plan: It's a good idea if mothers can prepare a wellbeing plan about what they might be needed during pregnancy, during childbirth, and after childbirth. She can put her thoughts and ideas into it so that her partner, family, or her supportive friends can help her work out through these phases quickly. It's better to put the ideas and thoughts on paper than to keep them in mind. Most importantly, it's necessary that the soon-to-be mothers should not expect too much of themselves and should remain realistic about what they will do in reality. Don't self-sabotage by thinking she is not doing enough. Being a mother is a big responsibility, and expecting things to be done alone is never possible or an easy task. The mothers shouldn't take parenting solely their responsibility.


  • Avoid unhealthy habits: If pregnant mothers are addicted to caffeine, smoking, or alcohol, then it's advised to quit it because it not only takes a toll on their health and aby but will also make them feel emotionally exhausting. It can have several negative impacts on the baby and her body too. Try switching to a safer diet and consumed water as much as possible to stay hydrated and relaxed.


It's difficult to put in words the bulk of emotions a pregnant mother goes through during pregnancy. Her mind and her world stop thinking about the world and surroundings, and only one thing matters to her during this time- her baby. Her world revolves around her child and her child's wellbeing. This can make her emotionally vulnerable and cause her to freak out even at the slightest of things. She needs her partner, family, and close, trusted people the most during this time. Constant care and pampering are a must to make her feel loved, meaningful, and emotionally happy. Furrymom family wishes all the soon-to-be moms and dads happy parenting, and we hope that this blog helps to understand the requirement of maintaining a healthy mind just as much it's essential to maintain a healthy body during pregnancy.


Some FAQ's Which Might Help To Clear Out Your Doughts 


Q1. What is a midwife, and what role it plays?


This term may be relatively unknown to our fellow readers. A midwife is a health professional who helps soon-to-be mothers during their pregnancy, childbirth, and labor. The midwife will look after the mothers' diet and health during pregnancy and after few weeks of childbirth. If pregnant mothers, especially working moms or single moms, feel that they need help from their family or peer group, it's okay and safe to reach a midwife for help.


Q2. Which baby is healthy - cesarean section or normal?


Well, this doesn't matter whether you have a cesarean section or expected delivery or either of these affecting your baby's health and growth. Your baby's health depends on your health and not how it will be delivered. It's a myth about cesarean babies and standard delivery babies, so don't panic and don't make decisions depending on these myths. 


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