Best sleeping position for New-borns and Infants

Best sleeping position for New-borns and Infants
Babies sleep a lot. One of the reasons behind it is their small stomach. They get full the moment they eat or drink a little, and feel sleepy then. It is very imperative to make sure that they are sleeping in a proper position, otherwise, it could be a bit harmful to their health. You need to make sure that your baby is not feeling suffocated or facing any breathing problem due to an improper sleeping position.  

Thus, if you have an infant, you need to know what is right or what is wrong: 

The Sleep on Back Position: 

It is the safest sleeping position for infants. As suggested by the US NICHD (National Institute of Child Health and Human Development), this position allows the airways to be opened and does not have the suffocation risks. It is safe for naps, as well as for a sound sleep. 

However, there is a risk of positional plagiocephaly associated with the same. It means a case of flattened head or flattened back, which you could avoid by:

  • Providing more tummy time to babies when he or she is awake
  • Changing the sleeping position
  • And reducing the time spent in carriers

Please ensure that the baby does not sleep on the stomach or on a side position as that could be unsafe for their body.  

Moreover, we never know what happens when and thus to be precautious in that case, here are the major tips to avoid the occurrence of any harm in infancy: 

  • Use a Firm Mattress: It is natural to think that something soft would help the baby to have a sound sleep. However, this is not all true. Babies must sleep on a firm mattress, and also avoid bumper pads, pillows, or soft toys inside the baby’s crib. 
  • Tug the Blanket Properly: You must take care of this one point. Blankets often make us feel suffocated, hence make sure that you cover the babies' top to their chest only, and their arms should be kept outside as well so that they do not find difficulty in breathing.
  • Use of Light Clothes: The light clothes are comfortable, and do not feel exhausting. You need to ensure that you make your infants wear light clothes and no heavy ones as they tend to feel exhausting. 
  • Avoid Sleeping with Them: Even though parents think that sleeping with their kids is way safer, however, that is not the case. Co-sleeping is not advisable, as your hands could fall on their face and make them feel trapped. 
  • Use a Baby Monitor: It is obvious to assume that you cannot be around the babies all the time even when you are at your place. There could be cases where you get work even for a small period. Thus, to keep a regular and constant check on them, use a baby monitor, and be around them technically. 
Hence, we hope that you take care of your infant and follow the above-mentioned tips cautiously. We wish to see you have a beautiful and happy life ahead!