Staying And Playing Indoor has its Fun

Staying And Playing Indoor has its Fun

 Indoor Games and Activities for Kids 

Covid-19 has enforced all of us to stay inside. It is true that none of us ever imagined life to be in-home isolation. However, now that it is, we cannot run away, and it is a promise that we will be out of the chaos pretty soon. 

Do you spend your time wondering and worrying about how to make home isolation less problematic for your kids? We understand that. Playing outdoor games and spending time in gardens and parks with trees has always been therapeutic, and you want your kid's childhood to be memorable with good memories. However, we urge you to not worry about it. We got you covered and promise you that your child will have good childhood memories to come back. This is because playing and staying indoors has its fun, too! 

Thus, take a deep breath, relax, and be ready to turn these quarantine days into good days for your children because here is how you can turn your kids' normal regular days into fun therapeutic days: 


1. Dance Parties with Kids: 

Dance parties at home with family are pretty underrated. This is probably because it has become a guests' thing. However, if you try it with your family one day, we promise you: you will enjoy the best out of it. Besides that, it is also physically and mentally stimulating for kids at home. 

They like it when they see their parents taking out time and engaging with them in doing physical activities, and what's better than dance makes everybody laugh and smile the most. 


2. Piggie in the Middle: 

Well, this is surely meant for you if you have a single child. The game requires three people, and we assure you that it has the possibility of making your kid laugh well. Laughing is good therapy, no? 

In this game, two people pass a ball to each other, and the third person has to stand in the middle to catch the ball. This is undoubtedly an interesting game for kids in the age group of 3-8 years. Thus, take out time out of your busy schedule, and make indoor games interesting, as well as healthy for your little one. 


3. Listening Game 

This game is interesting as well as educational for kids. It works on their listening ability and strengthens their mental concentration as well.

To make the game go well, as well as to keep it interesting: 


  1. Collect some objects from the house with different sounds and keep them at a place
  2. Make the kid familiar with the objects and their sounds; it requires their concentration and memory
  3. And the last step, make your little one close their eyes, and here it is- the child guesses the object, earns scores, and you celebrate those little victories of your child.  


4. Storytelling 

You must be wondering what is new in the activity called "storytelling". Here is a twist- kids usually like to listen to stories. They want their parents and grandparents to tell them bedtime stories. However, here in this activity, your child creates a story to share with you. It is storytelling by kids. Does this excite you now? Well, something new like this surely excites each one of us. 

This is the art of storytelling that your kid is about to learn if you bring this activity at home. Take out time, and sit with them. Collect words, clues, and share the same with them, and here it is. It is their turn now, and let their imagination do magic- let them share a story with you! 


5. Hula Hoop 

This is a great activity if you have enough space at home with no furniture around or even an open terrace would work. It does not just excite kids but also stimulates their muscles. Many kids find physical activities tiring, but if they have a twist, they surely want it. Thus, get a hula hoop for your child, and let them jump-dance around like a little monkey. Moreover, if this goes well, and they get fond of it- your child might even decide to form a career out of it. 


6. Read Books and Feel the Magic Around 

It may sound dreamy, but even, in reality, it is as warm, comfortable, and beautiful as it is in dreams. There is nothing that can beat the joy one derives out of reading books. Buy your kids good fictional books, and let them meet people they would not ever see, visit places they had not heard the name of before, and let them know how words are often so powerful to take you almost everywhere. 

Moreover, despite giving fun to readers, books also help enhance communication skills, reading ability, and strengthens vocabulary. You see the combo here? Fun as well as the growth of your child! 


7. Play with Plushies 

Plushies are kids' absolute favourite. They become friends with them as soon as they get them in their hands. This is because the stuffed toys are soft, warm, and comfortable. Besides good to play, eat, and sleep with, plushies are also helpful for children's mental and emotional development. Kids learn about care and love and friendship, as they get close to their toys. 

There is a reason why adults remember their stuffed toys the most, even the names they gave them out of the imagination. This is because it is from these stuffed toys, we learn about emotions so much. 


8. Enjoy and Create Art 

There is nothing more divine and blissful than enjoying and creating art. It feels therapeutic. As children, we did not focus on it if someone did not ask us to. We even tried to run away from our basic art classes in schools. However, now that you are reading this and know-how therapeutic connecting with art feels, we urge you to develop a relationship between your child and art. Play instruments, buy art supplies to paint the story from their mind, play with words to write imaginary stories, develop a music taste, etc. 

First, this connection is important because your child would not run away from it and not see it as something unproductive in life if they form a connection. Second because: art heals individuals, as well as gives a different perspective on life. 


9. Teach Kids How to Cook 

Teaching a kid how to cook is not an easy task. It needs patience because kids are likely to make a lot of mistakes. Before stepping into the process of cooking, you need to teach them how to use a knife, wash fruits and vegetables properly, follow recipes, etc. That will take some time, but we are sure they will learn that nicely. 

Moreover, it is easy to get scared when cooking is dangerous for kids. Thus, you need to make sure that your child does not come close to the gas stove in your absence or even do any experiment. If you can make your child understand, cooking is surely a good activity for them. This is because: 

  1. It provides quality family time
  2. They learn to value food as now they know it requires efforts 
  3. It boosts their confidence as they prepare a meal
  4. Following recipes improve their reading skill, as well as teaches maths 

This way, teaching cooking to kids become a good life skill for them. 

Hoping it to be as useful for your kids as we imagine. Kids are the most wonderful creatures around, and it doubles the happiness at home when they are happy and laugh healthily. Thus, we would be happy to know how you implemented these activities for your kids to make staying at home fun. Wishing good health and happy times to you and your little ones. Please let us know your story in the comments sections below!



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