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FurryMom® is a Kids Stuff Toys Store primarily shipping to Indian customers committed to deliver Innovation and Convenience to its customers. 

Being new in the parenting world, we discovered the pain points of highly-priced branded soft toys and the lack of quality in the local products. Thus, to fill this unfiltered gap between high price and low-quality products, we decided to bring feasible desi products for pregnant women, babies, and parents who are new into the parenthood world. 

Each one of our products is something we have wished and wanted while starting our parenthood journey. We interviewed many parents to check/improve our products during production and the idea worked out well as we saw smiles and excitement on our aspiring customers’ faces.  We hope to bring more beautiful unique products to our website as our young brand grows, and highly appreciate you for supporting us on our business journey. 

Love, happiness, and magic for your trip with your little one!


Contact us now using our contact page, or email us at furrymom.k@gmail.com

Happy shopping!

The FurryMom® Team